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Physiatry is more than

Below are stories with patients and physiatrists who describe what "Physiatry is more than_____." These are compassionate and courageous stories of individuals who discovered things about themselves they never thought possible. If you are someone who has seen the power of physiatry at work in your or someone else's life, please share your own story.

Physiatry is More Than…Physician Moms on the Run

October 9, 2017 | by Meagen Arensdorff | Uncategorized | Video Interviews

 Who do you picture when you think of a doctor? An old man? A burnt-out young resident? Well, we’re going to change up that perception big-time! Meet a dynamic group of 4 Latina doctors,* who along with a love of medicine, banded together to run in the USA Track & Field Master’s Championships, on July […]

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Physiatry is More Than…Treating Pain and Weakness

October 9, 2017 | Submitted by Vinita Mathew, MD | Uncategorized

It is focused on enhancing function and helping people achieve their goals by minimizing their disability. I take pride in being a physiatrist because I have endured the power of rehabilitation medicine. I had a traumatic brain injury after graduating from medical school which had lead me to undergo inpatient and outpatient therapy. That experience […]

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Physiatry is More Than… Because We’re Clinical Detectives

October 9, 2017 | Submitted by Valerie Jones, MD | Uncategorized

One of the great advantages of inpatient rehabilitation is that physicians get to spend extra time observing their patients. The average length of stay in a rehab hospital is 12-14 days, and over the course of that time, physiatrists have the opportunity to do a deep-dive into the patient’s health, home and work life, and […]

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