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Physiatry is more than

Below are stories with patients and physiatrists who describe what "Physiatry is more than_____." These are compassionate and courageous stories of individuals who discovered things about themselves they never thought possible. If you are someone who has seen the power of physiatry at work in your or someone else's life, please share your own story.

#PhysiatryDay2017 Recap

October 20, 2017 | Submitted by PMRisMoreThan | Video Interviews

On Friday, October 13, physiatrists from around the country and the world celebrated Physiatry Day 2017. The day-long celebration aimed to engage physiatrists, unifying them in their efforts on behalf of persons with disabilities. Each hour of the day, we highlighted a unique aspect of the specialty. To support the celebration, www.PhysiatryDay.org was created. The […]

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Exercise is a Lifelong Commitment

October 9, 2017 | Submitted by Ethan Colliver, DO | Uncategorized

We know that exercise is a lifelong commitment, but up to 70% of chronic back pain patients will stop exercise just a few months after stopping an exercise program. So, what works? What helps patients successfully start an exercise program? The same research gives us some ideas. High self-locus of control. If you believe you […]

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Move the Needle

October 9, 2017 | Submitted by Ameet Nagpal, MD, MS, MEd, FAAPMR | Uncategorized

Ultimately, the goal of our specialty as a whole is to achieve functional gains, and it is easy to take our mind off of this metric as we treat patients with chronic pain. It is important to remember that these patients are carrying the burden of their disease, and the majority of them are not […]

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