#PMRisMoreThan…a Medical Specialty.

January 13, 2017 | Submitted by Renald Peter Ty Ramiro, M.D., FPARM

Renald Peter T. Ramiro, MD, Advocates for
Persons with Disabilities

“Physiatry is more than a Medical Specialty…it has become my vocation to reach out and advocate for Persons With Disabilities. And one effort includes the M.O.V.E. (Making Ourselves Vigilant to Exercise) Advocacy of the Philippine Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine (PARM). M.O.V.E. is an effort for community exercise awareness and an annual fund raising event for the medical and livelihood needs of indigent Persons With Disabilities. This started 2007 in Cebu, Philippines where I practice, and has become a national Advocacy of PARM since 2009. There have been at least 12 Fun Runs since then, with more than half a million pesos of assistance given to hundreds of indigent PWDs. It has won as an Outstanding Project by a Medical Specialty of the Philippine Medical Association (PMA).”

Physiatry Day 2018

On Friday, October 26, we’re putting our specialty first.

No matter your subspecialty or area of interest, October 26 is about physiatry. Come together with your peers, declare your specialty loud and proud, and be part of the fun!

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