#PMRisMoreThan…Answered by Physiatrists

June 14, 2017 | Submitted by pmrismorethan

Gathering Perspectives of a Unique and Diverse Specialty

No matter the clinical focus or practice setting, every physiatrist we’ve ever spoken to mentions how the specialty goes beyond an injury, a condition, or even a particular age group. Physiatry must be more than any of those things in order to properly serve patients and positively influence quality of life. The open-endedness of the “Physiatry is More Than” statement forces one to think about the breadth and depth of the specialty, reinforcing one of the key factors that makes it so unique. The statement could be “Physiatry is…” but this initiative isn’t meant to define what physiatrists do. It’s meant to celebrate what physiatrist do differently than any other medical specialty.

In 2016 at the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (AAPM&R) Annual Assembly, we asked physiatrists how they would complete the statement. Here are some examples of what your peers are saying about Physiatry:

“Physiatry is More Than…

  • filling a hospital bed.”
  • what it was when I first heard about it.”
  • a medical specialty.”
  • you think.”
  • trying to find the “pain generator.”
  • prolonging life. Physiatry is recusing voice, strength, and adding quality to life!”
  • ordering physical therapy.”
  • a giant leap. It’s the small steps in between.”
  • a part of a person. It’s the whole person.”
  • treating the disease. Rather, empowering the patient!”
  • a dumping ground.”
  • evidence-based medicine.”
  • a 15-minute assessment.”
  • diagnose and adios.”
  • medicine. It’s a way of life.”
  • just managing a disease. It is the care of the whole person.”

What makes Physiatry “more than” an other medical specialty? Think about it, and share your perspective. Complete the statement on your social media account(s) and use the hashtag #PMRisMoreThan. You can also submit a story about your specialty. In turn, we’ll share it with the 10,000+ Physiatric community.

Physiatry Day 2018

On Friday, October 26, we’re putting our specialty first.

No matter your subspecialty or area of interest, October 26 is about physiatry. Come together with your peers, declare your specialty loud and proud, and be part of the fun!

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