#PhysiatryDay2017 Recap

October 20, 2017 | Submitted by PMRisMoreThan

On Friday, October 13, physiatrists from around the country and the world celebrated Physiatry Day 2017. The day-long celebration aimed to engage physiatrists, unifying them in their efforts on behalf of persons with disabilities. Each hour of the day, we highlighted a unique aspect of the specialty. To support the celebration, www.PhysiatryDay.org was created. The site features 10 videos, editorial content, and photos supplied by physiatrists! The schedule included:

  • ‘Why I Chose Physiatry’ stories
  • A Musculoskeletal Medicine Spotlight
  • A General & Medical Rehabilitation Spotlight
  • A Spotlight on Women In Physiatry
  • A Central Nervous System (CNS) Rehabilitation Spotlight
  • A Pediatric Rehabilitation Spotlight
  • A Spotlight on PM&R Residency Programs
  • A Pain Medicine and Neuromuscular Medicine Spotlight
  • A Spotlight on Physiatrists Advocating on Behalf of Persons with Disabilities
  • ‘What Makes Physiatry Unique?’ Stories

Here is a look at 1 of the 10 videos created:

View all of the videos on www.PhysiatryDay.org!

Physiatrists at the AAPM&R Annual Assembly also got in the spirit by helping create the Physiatry Day mosaic! By posting photos to social media using the #PhysiatryDay2017 hashtag, images were printed and added to the mosaic, creating a beautiful piece of art for the specialty:

Click here to view how the mosaic was created throughout the day. Below is a look at all the images that are now featured on the mosaic – thank you to everyone who participated!

AAPM&R Annual Assembly attendees and PM&R residents based in the US also received Physiatry Day 2017 t-shirts to wear and show their support of the specialty. Here are some of our favorite shots shared throughout the day:

We hope everyone had a wonderful time celebrating Physiatry Day 2017! Continue to share your love for physiatry. Visit www.PhysiatryDay.org and share the content with your friends, loved ones, and peers!

Physiatry Day 2018

On Friday, October 26, we’re putting our specialty first.

No matter your subspecialty or area of interest, October 26 is about physiatry. Come together with your peers, declare your specialty loud and proud, and be part of the fun!

Visit the Stories page to see highlighted content and share it with your peers!