Physiatry is More Than…Treating Pain and Weakness

October 9, 2017 | Submitted by Vinita Mathew, MD

It is focused on enhancing function and helping people achieve their goals by minimizing their disability.

I take pride in being a physiatrist because I have endured the power of rehabilitation medicine. I had a traumatic brain injury after graduating from medical school which had lead me to undergo inpatient and outpatient therapy. That experience had introduced me to the field of physiatry. I had published the below article in April of 2012 about the impact of rehabilitation in the AAPM&R newsletter, The Physiatrist. Since then I have faced more unexpected challenges. I was diagnosed with stage III ovarian cancer in February of 2013, for which I needed surgery and chemotherapy, and few months ago in April of 2017, I was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer. Despite these challenges, I have continued to work because I love my job. Rehabilitation medicine is the only prescription that keeps me moving forward and helps me restore my function.

Click here to read Dr. Mathew’s April 2012 article in The Physiatrist.

Physiatry Day 2017

On Friday, October 13th, Physiatrists dedicated 24 hours to celebrate all aspects of the specialty through videos, pictures, and story-telling. Physiatry Day was originated to unify the specialty and to intensify its impact within the health care landscape.

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