Dr. Joseph Alleva

October 13, 2016 | Submitted by pmrismorethan

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When Dr. Joseph Alleva started out in medical school, he wanted to specialize in sports medicine. But he soon grew more interested in non-surgical approaches to musculoskeletal issues.

“It’s more than a medical practice,” he says. Practicing physiatry means developing longer-term patient relationships than doctors in other specialties get to experience.

It also means looking beyond the disease to see the bigger picture and make a difference. “We focus more on the whole patient…their functional abilities, their abilities to get back to doing the things that they love in life.”

Physiatry Day 2018

On Friday, October 26, we’re putting our specialty first.

No matter your subspecialty or area of interest, October 26 is about physiatry. Come together with your peers, declare your specialty loud and proud, and be part of the fun!

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